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Unlimited possibilities: Use cases and best practices

The analysis potential with NEMO is virtually unlimited as all financial data of your value-added chain in your company are permanently analyzed in real time.

Your benefits with NEMO

  • Thanks to the full cloud experience, there are no customization and implementation costs.
  • The biweekly development cycles allow us to provide you with new metrics immediately and directly.
  • The provided use cases are based on real customer situations and automatically evaluate data across customers, materials, suppliers, business activities, and all financial results.
  • All use cases can be interactively validated in just a few seconds regardless of the data volume.

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Use Cases – The Questions NEMO Can Answer

Thanks to the close cooperation with our customers and the short biweekly development cycles, the number of use cases is constantly growing. See below for a selection of examples. Feel free to get in touch with us if you are interested in further use cases.


When you increase your delivery reliability, your customers will settle invoices earlier. The best way to increase your delivery reliability is to optimize the process surrounding purchased and self-produced parts. A nice side effect: NEMO determines the average values for the delivery reliability and the average number of days of sales outstanding.

Regular determination of the optimum MRP parameters for the part master files. Provision of reports for importing the results into your ERP system.

The KPI "Days of Payables Outstanding" is affected by the KPI "Delivery Variance". A determinable amount of the net working capital can be retained due to unpunctual deliveries. This analysis evaluates the amount of the retained capital.

Analysis of the deviation of budgeted and actual replenishment time and monetary valuation. Example: What supplier or what product line has the greatest financial effect with regard to retained capital?

By increasing the number of singular purchases, you extend the days of payables outstanding, allowing you to retain a certain amount of capital.

Analysis by how many days you have to reduce the time spent for order processing to release a certain amount of capital. You can then derive measures for optimizing internal processes from these figures.

Besides determining the average number of credit terms per customer, the optimum ratio between the number of credit terms per customer and the margin improvement is analyzed.

Simulation of a reduced safety stock, determination of the optimum reduction factor and calculation of the amount of the released capital.

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