NEMO Warehouse Optimization for Maximum Efficiency

    Advanced solutions for your inventory management

    Key strategies for inventory optimization with NEMO

    NEMO revolutionizes inventory optimization with:

    • Complexity mining: Identify hidden potentials in your stocks to maximize efficiency.
    • Optimized MRP parameters: Adjust your warehouse strategy with customized parameters to optimize availability and cost efficiency.
    • Targeted demand planning: Avoid bottlenecks by means of accurate forecasts, and optimize your inventory management.
    • Enhance your purchasing performance: Improve your procurement strategies by analyzing market trends and data.
    • Efficiently manage safety stock: Intelligent management reduces both risks and warehouse costs.
    • Shorter replenishment lead times: Accelerate your procurement processes and improve your supplier relationships.

    Manage your company based on data – our solutions at a glance


    NEMO Basic

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    Data preparation and data exploration 

    • Ensure data transparency
    • Intuitive data browsing
    • Ad-hoc reporting
    • 24/7 data monitoring incl. custom rules
    • Continuous master files optimization 
    NEMO Advanced

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    descriptive- and diagnostic Analytics

    • Interactive dashboards for all company divisions
    • Visualize your business KPIs
    • Self-service analytics
    • Connect to advanced AI-based analytics regardless of tool or provider


    NEMO ERP-Template

    Your compass for the future

    Prescriptive- and predictive Analytics 

    • Leverage AI to identify patterns, trends and anomalies
    • Visualize and optimize processes transparently
    • Uncover disturbances in business processes
    • Secure decisions thanks to forecasts and derived recommendations for actions

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