How NEMO supports you

Your NEMO Sales Reporting is specifically designed to give you comprehensive insights into your sales activities. It's a powerful tool to analyze and optimize your sales activities and increase your company's success in the long term. How efficient is your use of resources? Monitor the utilization of your production resources to ensure maximum efficiency and avoid overuse.

All NEMO reports are also available with Qlik or Power BI templates upon request and can be completely integrated into NEMO. 

KPIs included in the dashboard, for example

  • Quote backlog
  • Number of orders
  • Order backlog
  • Order entry
  • Valuated quotes
  • Valuated orders
  • Own delivery reliability
  • Conversion rates
  • Gross profit
  • Sales

Practical Examples  

Questions about delivery reliability 
The dashboard provides detailed information on orders where delivery deviations occur. It allows you to identify patterns and common causes. You can filter specifically for those orders that are particularly affected by delivery deviations in order to plan targeted improvement measures.

Parts and product segments
Visualize the contribution of different business units to your total sales in order to set priorities for the sales strategy. Identify your high-margin products to adapt your sales focus and marketing strategies accordingly.

Sales agent performance
Gain an overview of our sales team's overall performance. Analyze the products that your sales team sells most frequently in order to identify and drive successful strategies.

Customer analysis
The dashboard shows your top customers based on sales and order frequency. Find out which customers yield the highest margins to optimize your customer relationships and sales strategies.

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NEMO Consulting Packages

Our customized NEMO packages offer you the perfect combination of simplicity, efficiency, and expertise.
Choose from our three packages the one that best suits your requirements.


NEMO Initial

Your smart entry into the NEMO world

  • Customized introduction so that you can use NEMO professionally based on your use cases

  • Hands-on assistance to get you started in the NEMO applications and help you make the best use of the analysis options

  • Standardized contents, such as metrics, subprocess templates and reports, without individual adjustments

  • Advanced support that goes beyond a regular online help
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NEMO Initial Consulting Package


NEMO OnDemand

Full flexibility based on your budget

  • Specify a budget for your requirements

  • Customized configurations or modifications of standard metadata, and creation of new contents

  • Demand-based consulting according to your specific requirements and your budget

  • Together we analyze your data to derive recommended actions within the agreed budget
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NEMO OnDemand  Consulting Package


NEMO OptiMate

Proactive and continuous consulting

  • Active consulting where anomalies are identified and reported by our experts

  • In regular optimization meetings we purposefully work on optimizing and enhancing your business processes

  • Flexible subscription; the package can be canceled on a monthly basis and offers an interdisciplinary full service

  • Exclusively for NEMO Advanced customers; premium component of our Analytical Applications (Advisors)


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NEMO OptiMate Consulting Package

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