How NEMO supports you

NEMO identifies connections and interrelations in your procurement processes. NEMO provides a 360-degree analysis of influential factors, enabling you to make efficient and sound decisions that improve your purchasing performance.

  • NEMO helps you develop cost-efficient purchasing strategies
  • NEMO analyzes supplier performance data and allows for a sound and objective evaluation
  • With the combination of information about stocks and delivery times, NEMO guarantees efficient warehouse management

Practical examples

Consumption forecasts
NEMO creates precise consumption forecasts that support companies in planning their stocks, purchase orders and their entire inventory management. NEMO considers seasonal fluctuations or periodic patterns that can influence the consumption. This allows you to efficiently plan stocks and purchase orders in order to avoid capital commitment.

Optimum ordering point
NEMO analyzes the replenishment times of past purchase orders or deliveries and determines the best time for the reorder. It includes forecasts, uncertainties and other relevant factors like production and supplier data

Risk assessment in real time
NEMO identifies bottlenecks, price volatility or delivery delays to develop risk management strategies.

Supplier evaluation
NEMO considers factors like delivery reliability, quality of the delivered products, price stability, response times for requests and other relevant criteria for the supplier evaluation.

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NEMO Consulting Packages

Our customized NEMO packages offer you the perfect combination of simplicity, efficiency, and expertise.
Choose from our three packages the one that best suits your requirements.



NEMO Initial

Your smart entry into the NEMO world

  • Customized introduction so that you can use NEMO professionally based on your use cases

  • Hands-on assistance to get you started in the NEMO applications and help you make the best use of the analysis options

  • Standardized contents, such as metrics, subprocess templates and reports, without individual adjustments

  • Advanced support that goes beyond a regular online help
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NEMO Initial Consulting Package


NEMO OnDemand

Full flexibility based on your budget

  • Specify a budget for your requirements

  • Customized configurations or modifications of standard metadata, and creation of new contents

  • Demand-based consulting according to your specific requirements and your budget

  • Together we analyze your data to derive recommended actions within the agreed budget
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NEMO OnDemand  Consulting Package


NEMO OptiMate

Proactive and continuous consulting

  • Active consulting where anomalies are identified and reported by our experts

  • In regular optimization meetings we purposefully work on optimizing and enhancing your business processes

  • Flexible subscription; the package can be canceled on a monthly basis and offers an interdisciplinary full service

  • Exclusively for NEMO Advanced customers; premium component of our Analytical Applications (Advisors)


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NEMO OptiMate Consulting Package

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