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A picture is worth a thousand words – get an overview of your data. Thanks to its unique visualization capabilities, NEMO Focus can display millions of records transparently. You and all parties involved immediately develop a common understanding of the data to be analyzed and reach a consensus of the data situation. This way, you can immediately identify weak points in data. 

  • NEMO Focus allows you to speak about data without misunderstandings and gray zones
  • NEMO Focus minimizes coordination work and reduces the duration of projects since the data situation can be quickly assessed and discussed
  • Innovative selection options and intuitive data browsing help you to immediately identify weak points and critical data constellations

Practical examples

Data exploration
Answer the following questions at record speed: What data do you have? What do these data tell you? Are they valid? NEMO Focus is your solution for conveniently viewing data and staying on top of the data situation. All data are compressed to fit a single screen on the basis of a value distribution. Identical values are combined to one cell with the width of the cell indicating the frequency. 

Ad-hoc reporting
In day-to-day business, spontaneous questions requiring immediate answers are quite common, but the appropriate reports are often missing. NEMO Focus allows you to perform spontaneous analyses in mere seconds thanks to the intuitive filter and selection options. No IT skills required. 

Agile data quality management
Identify weak points in data with just a few clicks using NEMO Focus: reveal critical data constellations, plausibilize data, detect duplicates, normalize different spellings, find format errors. This doesn't only provide you with quick results, but also makes your decisions more reliable.

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NEMO Consulting Packages

Our customized NEMO packages offer you the perfect combination of simplicity, efficiency, and expertise.
Choose from our three packages the one that best suits your requirements.



NEMO Initial

Your smart entry into the NEMO world

  • Customized introduction so that you can use NEMO professionally based on your use cases

  • Hands-on assistance to get you started in the NEMO applications and help you make the best use of the analysis options

  • Standardized contents, such as metrics, subprocess templates and reports, without individual adjustments

  • Advanced support that goes beyond a regular online help
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NEMO Initial Consulting Package


NEMO OnDemand

Full flexibility based on your budget

  • Specify a budget for your requirements

  • Customized configurations or modifications of standard metadata, and creation of new contents

  • Demand-based consulting according to your specific requirements and your budget

  • Together we analyze your data to derive recommended actions within the agreed budget
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NEMO OnDemand  Consulting Package


NEMO OptiMate

Proactive and continuous consulting

  • Active consulting where anomalies are identified and reported by our experts

  • In regular optimization meetings we purposefully work on optimizing and enhancing your business processes

  • Flexible subscription; the package can be canceled on a monthly basis and offers an interdisciplinary full service

  • Exclusively for NEMO Advanced customers; premium component of our Analytical Applications (Advisors)


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NEMO OptiMate Consulting Package

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