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Modern business intelligence reporting is crucial in today's business world. The common perception that this is associated with complex projects and high costs is now a thing of the past. Discover the NEMO reports and witness how your data analysis is seamlessly and efficiently integrated into your daily business. Our customized KPI system, which has been optimized for all company divisions, makes reporting as easy as never before.

All NEMO reports are also available with Qlik or Power BI templates upon request and can be completely integrated into NEMO.  

  • InteInteractive reports for all company divisions
  • Thanks to standard data provision, 80% of the BI project work is omitted (with proALPHA ERP)
  • Perfect self-service functionalities and great usability
  • Modern UX operation
  • Option to connect available BI systems Qlik or Power BI

Practical examples

Gain reliable insights into your sales figures, from the order situation to sales analyses.

Monitor critical KPIs such as production costs and quantity variances.

Materials management
Keep an eye on movements, stocks, and consumption trends.

Financial analyses
Gain insights into relevant financial KPIs to enhance liquidity and rentability.

Our dashboard provides valuable data on order management and supplier efficiency.

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NEMO Consulting Packages

Our customized NEMO packages offer you the perfect combination of simplicity, efficiency, and expertise.
Choose from our three packages the one that best suits your requirements.



NEMO Initial

Your smart entry into the NEMO world

  • Customized introduction so that you can use NEMO professionally based on your use cases

  • Hands-on assistance to get you started in the NEMO applications and help you make the best use of the analysis options

  • Standardized contents, such as metrics, subprocess templates and reports, without individual adjustments

  • Advanced support that goes beyond a regular online help
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NEMO Initial Consulting Package


NEMO OnDemand

Full flexibility based on your budget

  • Specify a budget for your requirements

  • Customized configurations or modifications of standard metadata, and creation of new contents

  • Demand-based consulting according to your specific requirements and your budget

  • Together we analyze your data to derive recommended actions within the agreed budget
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NEMO OnDemand  Consulting Package


NEMO OptiMate

Proactive and continuous consulting

  • Active consulting where anomalies are identified and reported by our experts

  • In regular optimization meetings we purposefully work on optimizing and enhancing your business processes

  • Flexible subscription; the package can be canceled on a monthly basis and offers an interdisciplinary full service

  • Exclusively for NEMO Advanced customers; premium component of our Analytical Applications (Advisors)


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NEMO OptiMate Consulting Package

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