NEMO is a real analysis brain!

For successful decision-making – the smart and cost-efficient control for your business processes.

NEMO is an agile cloud innovation platform and your analysis brain for business intelligence and advanced analytics.

The AI solution uses innovative data profiling methods to prepare, refine and visualize your data. All data from your company's value-added chain are analyzed using modern AI methods. NEMO automatically determines patterns and irregularities in real time, derives recommended courses of action, shows potentials for optimization and deter-mines their monetary value.

Uncover connections within your business processes with NEMO. Get an integral view to analyze and evaluate your daily business and make better decisions.

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Highlights at a Glance

Analyse in Echtzeit
Ganzheitlicher Blick

Corporate control in real time

Direct calculations of analyses using cloud computing for agile, dynamic reporting.

Better decisions

Forecasts lead to recommended actions, including a monetary valuation

Integral view

Innovative data visualization and preparation create transparency and comprehensive perspectives.

Full Cloud Experience
ERP Know how
Gelebte Agilität

Full cloud experience

Work efficiently and flexibly using the native cloud platform NEMO; no local installation required.

ERP expertise

As part of the proALPHA Group, we're very familiar with ERP. You have the right KPIs to get started immediately.

Practiced agility

Biweekly development cycles ensure the immediate provision of new metrics.

What our customers say

"We've been using proALPHA ERP for many years now and collect large volumes of data. We use the Analyzer and the BI dashboards to analyze these data and visualize the most important KPIs on structured dash-boards. Thanks to NEMO, we now have a completely different view of our data based on artificial intelligence, from which we derive recommended measures."

Wolfgang Fuhr
Head of IT & Organization at Gebr. Pfeiffer

Overview of NEMO modules

Put together your personal package – tailored to your needs.

  • NEMO Basic –
    Simple and intuitive data analyses

    In the BASIC module, you can use the NEMO Focus service to do spontaneous analyses in next to no time and reveal weak points in your data intuitively. Simple data filtering, detailed analyses and many other features help you stay on top of your data so that you can always react flexibly and put together reliable analyses.

  • NEMO Advanced – 
    AI-based forecasts and decision-making

    NEMO Advanced uses AI methods to automatically determine patterns and irregulari-ties in ERP data without any human interaction. This allows you to correlate classic managerial KPIs. NEMO Advanced calculates the factors influencing the KPIs and de-termines monetary optimization potential on the basis of the current assets.

  • NEMO ERP Template –
    Standardized access to ERP data

    The NEMO ERP Template is the interface to the ERP system. It contains the necessary database tables and fields as well as metrics and KPIs developed specifically for NEMO. The NEMO ERP Template is currently only available for the proALPHA ERP system. Fur-ther ERP systems upon request.

  • NEMO Process Viewer –
    Visualization of the business processes

    Process mining methods are used to determine the actual processes within your com-pany. You can use the NEMO Process Viewer to detect the relevant disturbances in your business processes.

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