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    Your AI platform for data-driven decisions 

    Discover the world of your data in real time and take your company to a data-driven future

    NEMO is your AI platform for smart business process management, business intelligence and advanced analytics. Based on millions of records, NEMO helps you quickly discover where things are going well, where there are problems and what to do. NEMO asks the right questions before you do and identifies connections between your business processes.

    All data from your company's value-added chain are analyzed using modern AI methods. NEMO automatically determines patterns and irregularities in real time, derives recommended courses of action, shows potentials for optimization and deter-mines their monetary value.

    Don't just find highlights, experience them!


    Real-time analysis

    Gain immediate insights into your data and optimize your business processes.

    Potential for optimization

    Discover potential for improvements and elevate your company's efficiency. 

    360-degree view

    View your data from a wider perspective and make sound decisions.


    Real-time control

    Respond quickly to changes and control your business processes in real time.

    ERP expertise

    Benefit from our ERP expertise and tailored KPIs for efficient corporate management. 

    Full cloud experience

    Use cloud computing for immediate calculations and benefit from agile reporting.

    What our customers say

    "We've been using proALPHA ERP for many years now and collect large volumes of data. We use the Analyzer and the BI dashboards to analyze these data and visualize the most important KPIs on structured dash-boards. Thanks to NEMO, we now have a completely different view of our data based on artificial intelligence, from which we derive recommended measures."

    Wolfgang Fuhr
    Head of IT & Organization at Gebr. Pfeiffer

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