What Does NEMO Cost?

Our modules – flexibly tailored to your needs

NEMO offers you all benefits of our full cloud experience, regardless of the modules and services you're using. Our NEMO modules are tailored to your personal needs. The starter pack is the ideal gateway to the world of our AI solution. In just a few steps, you receive specific recommendations for action and forecasts on the basis of your ERP da-ta. Request your NEMO modules today.

NEMO Proof of Value

Your quick entry into the NEMO world

  • One-time data export from proALPHA
  • Use the NEMO platform for two months
  • Remote workshop for data analysis and target definition
  • Two-hour key user training and support
  • Six hours of remote consulting

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Focus on simple and intuitive data analyses

  • Swiftly browse through data & analyze millions of data in seconds

  • Instantly answer spontaneous questions

  • Solid basis for reliable decisions thanks to transparency & high data quality



AI-based forecasts and decision-making

  • Prioritization of potential fields of action

  • Trend analyses and forecasts for your KPIs

  • Create and adjust KPIs and metrics online


ERP Template

Standardized access to ERP data

  • Interface to the ERP system with all necessary database tables and fields

  • Standardized data export from proALPHA (other ERPs upon request)

  • Predefined KPIs and metrics


NEMO Process Viewer

Visualization of your business processes

  • Transparency of your ERP processes – structured overview

  • Identification of process deviations, shadow processes and bottlenecks

  • Minimize risks thanks to the monetary valuation of the process disturbances